At Hanging H Companies, we care about doing the job right, as well as the people working on that job.



Our company culture focuses on our people and helping them be the best at what they do by giving them more opportunity to advance and take on new and more challenging roles.

We provide skilled craftsman the opportunity to be trained further and given new opportunities within the industry.

Our field leadership is open, helpful, and willing to advance those who display superior ability and skills.


We are signatory to the National Pipeline Agreements and the National Distribution Agreements. Our union craftsmen’s wages and benefits are established by those Agreements, by the local union halls in the area of each project, and the terms negotiated for each project contract.

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How we hire Union Employees

Hanging H Companies, LLC is a Union Pipeline Contractor. We hire all Laborers (LIUNA), Operators (IUOE), Welders (United Association), and Teamsters through the union halls in the area of our projects or work. You must be a member of one of these unions and be dispatched out of the hall which has jurisdiction to our project, in order to work on our projects. We are signatory to and follow the rules, and regulations of the PLCA, also any Federal and Local laws and regulations that may govern our work. It is best that you contact your local union hall to learn if we are going to be in your area and if we have openings for your craft or skill.