Integrity Services

Anomaly Digs

Williams NW Pipeline Goldendale to Willard H.P. Anomaly Digs and Repair.

  • Services Performed
    • Anomaly investigation & repair
    • Permawrap, Petro-Sleeve, Recoat
    • Pipe Replacement
    • Cleanup Seeding & Reclamation
  • Client
    • Willams Energy
  • YEAR
    • 2020
      • Klickitat, WA
    • 5 months
    • Natural Gas


About the Project

Perform 62 anomaly digs on an existing 26” pipeline in all in steep slope terrain typically greater than 30 degrees. In addition, replaced approximately 855 LF of existing 26” pipeline on 34-degree slope. Equipment needed to be cabled to each other acting as an anchor for the hoes to dig without the risk of sliding or tipping down the steep slope. Worked with William's inspection team to meet deadlines and to ensure safety protocols were met during the work.


The original scope was to perform approximately 32 anomaly digs. Another 30 anomaly digs added by Company after the project start. Additional scope added for pipe replacement on a steep slope. The objective was to repair the pipe to Williams's requirements so that line will stay in a safe operating condition.

Unique Problems Solved

  • Steep Slopes and Remote Locations

    Most of the digs were located in remote areas making communication onsite but also offsite extremely important. All crews were supplied with two-way communication equipment, hands-free headsets for operators on slopes, and satellite phones. All dig locations were measured out, and the appropriate number of winch cable slings were used.

  • Tethered Equipment

    Because of the steep slopes and the loose and rocky terrain we knew the potential for a rollover or slide. The heavy equipment required tethering by large gauge steel lines. 4 D8s acted as an anchor for the hoes as they dug the loose and rocky soil.

  • Fire Season & Hoot Owls

    Project located in the environmentally sensitive and scenic Columbia River Gorge area. Worked with DNR throughout the project to mitigate work activities due to high fire risk. Altering our work schedule, our crews started earlier, the project continued to progress while meeting the shutdown time of 1 pm.

  • Falling Rocks and Loose Dirt

    Some sections did not have proper access for even smaller trucks or hoes. We used ATVs to shuttle personnel in and out of tighter areas. Rock shields were placed above our crew's work area, one individual was placed as a lookout to call out in case of falling debris.

Project leadership team

Sr Project Mangager PE


Sr Cost Controller