Integrity Services

DOT Battleground Hydrotest

Hydrostatic Test on existing 26" pipeline. Hydrotest was to help establish and confirm MAOP upgrade on line.

  • Services Performed
    • Trenching
    • Welding
    • Sandblasting & Coating
    • Hydrotesting & Dewatering
    • Water Testing
    • Lowering-in & Backfill
    • Clean up & Land Restoration
  • Client
    • Williams Northwest Pipeline
  • YEAR
    • 2018
    • Battleground, WA
    • 1 Month
    • Natural Gas


About Battleground Hydrotest

Our team had the task of digging out two sections of an existing line, to cap and then hydro test for upgrading and checking the integrity of the pipe. We needed to cut out two areas of the existing pipeline and test the section with pressurized water. The pipe was to be tested with the water pressure in the pipe ?? times the normal for 12 hours. All test water used had to be hauled in frac tanks from a potable water source. After successfully testing the line our team needed to purge water back into frac tanks and then dry the line in preparation for re-connection to the mainline. Our team packed 3,300 LF of 26” pipe up to the two steep slopes where the cutouts were located to be used in helping improve the DOT Rating on the line. Next was the task of de-watering which needed to be treated on site prior to being discharged to the ground. All disturbed natural grass, shrubs, or tree areas were restored and reseeded.


We were to execute our plan within 5 days. The client would have the natural gas shut off for 5 days which was our team’s deadline to complete all steps, tasks, and inspections by the 5th day. We ran two crews, a 12-hour day and night shift. Each shift would give a safety and work hand-off between each shift transition. Because of the complexity of the project, each crew would have its own leadership team comprised of a superintendent, foreman to ensure that the project was executed safely and according to schedule.

Unique problems to solved

  • Slope, Space and Distance

    The locations of the cutouts were not only on steep slopes but also 4 miles from each other. To make matters harder the space our team had to work in was tight for heavy equipment. We needed to ensure that all our equipment required at each location was transported up and down safely each day required skillful operators to operate equipment in tight lanes during the project.

  • Limited Time

    Like mentioned above the 5-day shutdown added its own pressure on our teams. Although we were confident in our abilities to do the work, there was little to no room if something were to go wrong. The stress of the unexpected would challenge our teams during the 5 days of crucial work.

  • Equipment Failure

    The unexpected did happen. While in the middle of the hydrotest, the pressure in the line started dropping. The water pump being used failed. This test would need to be restarted as a continuous uninterrupted 12-hours of testing needed to be completed. The pump was replace and the test was started again with success.

  • Test Water

    There was complications with the test water used in the pipe. Special testing and treatment of the water was needed before the water could be discharged back into the ground. The sites that would treat the water were few and far between. We finally found a location and was able to treat the water before discharging it into the ground.

Project leadership team


Sr Project Manger

General Superintendent

Sr Cost Controller