Pipeline Installation

Cheyenne Connector

To install 72 miles of 36” pipe starting in Eaton, Colorado heading north to Cheyenne, Montana.

  • Services Performed
    • Clearing & Grading
    • Ditching & Stringing
    • Bending
    • Welding, Tie-in, & Coating
    • Testing
    • Lower-in & Backfilling
    • Cleanup, Seeding & Reclamation
  • Client
    • Tallgrass Energy
  • YEAR
    • 2020
    • Greely, CO
    • 7 months
    • Natural Gas








About the Project

The Cheyenne Connector pipeline is a 70-mile interstate natural gas pipeline placed in service in June 2020, providing much needed incremental takeaway capacity from the Denver-Julesburg Basin to the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) Cheyenne Hub just south of the Colorado/Wyoming border. Cheyenne Connector, coupled with the REX Cheyenne Hub, provides Colorado producers connectivity to bring their natural gas into the REX pipeline at Cheyenne Hub and from there to markets across the country. Tallgrass is 50 percent owner and operator of Cheyenne Connector; DCP Midstream owns the other 50 percent. With a design capacity of 600 MMcf/d – and available expansion capacity – Cheyenne Connector unlocks the D-J for years to come.


Forging through counties, roads, rivers, and farmland this project was one of Hanging H's biggest projects for 2020. 72 miles of 36" of steel pipe needed to be brought and stored, transported from storage to ROW, fitted and welded together, coated and painted, finally installed, hooked up, tested, and backfilled. Our team had 7 months to complete the project and had to manage over 680 people at the peak of the project.

Unique problems to solved

  • Road Crossings

    Our Crews had multiple road crossings that required care with the fencing and gates the kept cattle from getting out of their pastures. With road crossing our teams took great care with protecting roads from the track vehicles that needed to cross.

  • Erratic Weather

    The weather was very unpredictable and had created challenges for our crews, slowed down the work, or completely stopped. Our crews and leadership team had to work twice as hard and long to make the schedule. Due to their dedication and commitment, they overcame the weather obstacles and finished the project on time.

  • Permitting Delays

    Permitting was another issue we faced on this project. To help our client after our mobilization we pulled staff out of the yard and placed them on other projects. This greatly decreased the cost to the client while they waited for the permits.

  • Material Problems

    Some of the steel sections of pipes that had been bought and supplied to the crews had been beveled incorrectly. Although not in the contract, our crews started to re-bevel the ends so that our crews could get back to work and we could keep to the project deadline.

Project leadership team

Sr Project Manager

Sr Project Manager


Sr Cost Controller

Procurement Manager