4th Chapter

A Reliable Processes
While Environmentally Sound.

We take seriously the responsibility to the generations behind us. We put the land and the environment ahead of all we do. We are passionate about the preservation of the environment.

Our people will mobilize anywhere in the US and Canada. Our projects are handled with the established processes inline with the highest standards and regulations.

Our endeavor is building energy infrastructure while not disrupting the environment during construction and keeps it protected while in operation.

Environmental protection

Our work is performed far and wide where we encounter varieties of environmental conditions. We analyze and adapt to each area we work in focusing on the needs and preventative measures required to preserve the land long after the project's completion. At the same time, we support and follow strict guidelines and regulations from our clients as well as Governing Agencies.


What is the real value of Hanging H?

Professionalism second to none

We have carefully selected and handpicked some of the very best industry leaders to help us forge forward and leaders in the industry.

Thorough and Detail Oriented

Hyper-focused, our people from the top-down are focused on efficiency and organization. Clear and transparent reporting along with good communication helps our clients understand what we do and how we do it.

Well Equipped and Outfitted

We outfit our teams with the latest tools and equipment keeping pace with industry changes. We don’t shy away from newer and innovative equipment or technology.

Knowledgeable and Skillful Craftsmen

The decades of projects have refined and honed our leaders. People who know the work and have spent lifetimes using their skills to complete work safely, on time, and on budget.

Commitment, Loyalty, and a Good Name

Relationships are valued highly at Hanging H. We strive to make a good name for ourselves. This is at the core of our people and our work.

Reasonableness and Compromise

Things don’t always go as planned for contractors or clients on projects. We work with all of our clients to find solutions that will help to keep the project moving forward on schedule and budget.