3rd Chapter

A proud heritage.
Passed on.

From fathers and sons to mothers and daughters all have a part in building our business. Our people's experience, knowledge, integrity, and values start in the home and get passed on from generation to generation helping strengthen our core.

Continuing the decades-long traditions of pipelining and heavy construction, Hanging H provides opportunities to those who are looking for a satisfying and rewarding way to make a living. Providing the opportunities and as a group, aspiring to be an innovator in the oil and gas industry, operating cost-effectively and efficiently, we create jobs, job security and more opportunity for those entering the field.
Tradition and heritage: a foundation of stability and reliability.

Today we work closely with major players in the natural resources sector, working on large projects, spanning miles through difficult terrain or other projects involving dense populations. Our history in the industry speaks to our well-rounded experience which we draw on to meet the challenges of today.

Our traditions and heritage are based on things like humility, integrity, honesty, reliability, stewardship, loyalty, and family. Our people are key to everything we do and because of them and the traditions and heritages we all keep, we deliver quality services and products to our clients.